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!OpenGeoSMS is a simple format for encoding Latitude & Longitude into a text message (SMS/Email/Twitter).

It sends as a GoogleMaps URL:

  • The LatLon can be manually copied to a GPS, if the recipient is on a non-SmartPhone or has no Internet access from that location.
  • If they have a SmartPhone then they can click on the URL to see the location being discussed on a map
  • If they have the Android application then they can get additional functionality to support Incident Reporting, Task Dispatch & peer to peer Team Communications ("I am here", "Where are you?", "Where shall we meet?")

Android source developed by ITRI Taiwan is available on Github:



Sahana Eden has outbound support is in modules/s3/

  • msg.prepare_opengeosms(self, location_id, code="S", map="google", text="")
    • S = Sahana
    • ST = Sahana Task Dispatch
    • SI = Sahana Incident Report
  • Eden also supports OpenStreetMap URLs as a future extension

This will be useful for:

  • Bombeiros - dispatch functionality in IRS
  • [BluePrintCERT CERT] - deployment functionality in HRM events

ToDo (Sahana):

  • support for Inbound SMS to IRS
  • include replies with URL of resource to upload photos/videos

ToDo (Android):

  • Work with phone book entries as well as manual entry (currently these give 'the phone number is unusable')
  • Rename 'Task Dispatch Inbox' as just 'Task Inbox'
  • 'About' help text for "Where shall we meet?" appears on all map screens
  • Should be possible to report Incidents for locations other than where the reporter is currently
    • Incident Reports Inbox for the acks (Incident Reports goes here if there are acks, along with a big button to 'Report New Incident'?)
  • Support acknowledging Tasks Dispatched
  • Support uploading Photos/Videos to an Incident
  • Support OpenStreetMap URLs
  • About page
  • Configuration settings for default number to send incident reports to
    • Can be embedded easily into downloadable app for preconfiguration of a Sahana instance
    • Can be easily hidden to prevent users from overriding (& alsdo the IRS number in general)

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