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    3030* Mark retries and add a parameter that specifies whether retries should be processed on a given run. This requires a change to the queuing mechanism, and although retries would not be attempted during a new message run, they would still have to be iterated over.
     32Since email will likely be a significant part of messaging, we might look at typical outbound email processing and retry handling. Email send failures fall into two categories:
     33* Permanent failures, for which no retry will succeed. These include "no such user". In traditional email processing (read, sendmail), these failures get bounced right away. It doesn't serve any purpose to keep processing permanent failures as retries. Some we might deal with automatically, but if not, we do want to keep them around for the site admin to deal with. We could move these to a holding queue.
     34* Temporary failures, for which a retry may be succeed at some point. These include no response from the host, and "user mailbox full". Traditional email processing will eventually bounce even temporary failures. (If we want different retry rates for messages that have repeatedly failed (or, say, for different urgency levels), we could use separate queues with separate periodic tasks. Messages could be demoted into less frequent queues based on number of retry failures.)
    3436== Email Error Handling ==