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    4848[[Image(Message Flows.png)]]
    4949==== How do we achieve this? ====
     50 * Table {{{msg_log}}} is used as a replacement for the current {{{msg_inbox}}}, {{{msg_outbox}}} & {{{ticket_log}}}.
     51  * Fields: sender, subject, body, verified, actionable, assignee (multiple?), actioned, priority
     52   * Q: Do we move some of these 'ticketing' fields to a separate {{{ticket_msg}}} table?
    5053 * Table {{{pe_subscription}}} is used to maintain subscriptions for a {{{pe_pentity}}}.
    5154  * Fields: ''tbc''
    5659  * Q: Do we mark as read if pe_contact_id status suggests person has received message?
    5760  * Good to have UI to 'Mark Unread'
     61 * shn_rest_controller() is modified to check msg_log for messages tagged to the resource (list) or record (display/update)
     62 * 'Ticketing Module' UI
     63  * default view is all un-actioned messages (assigned to this user &/or unassigned?)
     64  * If a message is routed to a resource, this results in a 'create' form popup with as many fields auto-populated as possible (subject into 'name' field & body into 'comments' field, if nowhere better)
     65   * Q: If a message is routed to a resource, does this automatically mark ticket as 'actioned'? Provide a popup to ask this?
    5866=== User Interface ===
    5967The home page should be a common Inbox view which, by default, shows all new unread Items (the 'Ticketing Module').