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    4747   * Button becomes 'Unsubscribe' if user already subscribed.
    4848 * When a user visits a Resource via it's Web UI, then the [wiki:RESTController] scans the {{{msg_log}}} & provides access to associated messages in the views (display/update views have a list of associated messages in a table below the main record. list views have an extra column showing the number of messages tagged to this resource & number unread by this user ({{{unread(read)}}}) which is hyperlinked to a view which displays these records.
    49  * XML exports (such as RSS feeds) include tagged messages as linked resources.
     49 * XML exports (such as RSS feeds) include tagged messages as linked resources:
     50   * S3ResourceController has a hook for a function that retrieves all message URLs for a resource: s3xrc = s3xrc.S3ResourceController(..., messaging=<function>)
     51   * This function takes the the resource name (=full tablename incl. prefix) and the record ID as arguments, and returns a list of URLs to messages for this resource and user, where each list item is (url, timestamp), with timestamp refering to the message timestamp
     52   * The XML exporter inserts one element <message url="..." unread="True/False"/> per message and resource element as child of the <resource> tag
     53   * This can be used for any feeds that are produced of the XML exporter
     54   * Requires: make RSS feeds a XML export template (which it is not up to now)
    5056[[Image(Message Flows.png)]]
    5157==== How do we achieve this? ====