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Outbound Messages


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    55== Core Architecture ==
     6=== Inbound Messages ===
    67 * When a message is picked up by the handler, it decides whether it's an XForm or not.
    78 * If it is, then it is routed direct to the relevant resource.
    89 * If not then it is added to the Master Message Log ({{{msg_log}}})
    910 * When new messages arrive in the Master Message Log, then the Parser looks for keywords & tries to Route automatically - either to a resource or to a {{{pe_pentity}}} (NB 'routing' to a resource is actually just 'tagging').
     11=== Routing within Eden ===
    1012 * Users can view the Master Message Log via the 'Ticketing Module' UI & do manual Routing - either to a resource or a {{{pe_pentity}}}.
    1113 * Users can Subscribe to Resources in order to receive copies of all messages which are routed to a resource.
    1315   * Button becomes 'Unsubscribe' if user already subscribed.
    1416 * When a user visits a Resource via it's Web UI, then the [wiki:RESTController] scans the {{{msg_log}}} & provides access to associated messages in the views (display/update views have a list of associated messages in a table below the main record. list views have an extra column showing the number of messages tagged to this resource & number unread by this user ({{{unread(read)}}}) which is hyperlinked to a view which displays these records.
     17=== Outbound Messages ===
     18 * If a pentity has a message sent to them (they subscribed or routed to them automatically or manually) then as well as being tagged for them, a copy is placed in the Outbox with them as recipient. Their list of Contacts is browsed & the appropriate contact method is used, depending on the priority of the message (e..g. a user may want to be sent an SMS for a high priority message, such as a security alert, but just be sent an email if it's just an update to one of their projects). If there are multiple methods available for a priority level then all methods are used at once - each having a separate entry in the outbox.
    1519 * XML exports (such as RSS feeds) include tagged messages as linked resources:
    1620   * S3ResourceController has a hook for a function that retrieves all message URLs for a resource: s3xrc = s3xrc.S3ResourceController(..., messaging=<function>)
    1822   * The XML exporter inserts one element <message url="..." unread="True/False"/> per message and resource element as child of the <resource> tag
    1923   * This can be used for any feeds that are produced of the XML exporter
    20    * ~~Requires: make RSS feeds a XML export template~~
     24   * Requires: ~~make RSS feeds an XML export template~~
    2226[[Image(Message Flows.png)]]