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Blueprint for the Messaging Module

Current design is here:

User Guide:

What we need is:

Email has mail settings:

# These settings should be made configurable as part of the Messaging Module

& a function:

mail.send(to, subject='None', message='None')

Can use this to send emails with dynamic data inserted into templates (like HTML pages):

There is a Cron job to check the contents of the OutBox & send pending messages. On Success it moves the message to the 'Sent' table:

Rich Text

We'd like to be able to send HTML mails for rich-text support (including attachments) This requires the use of smtplib to send MIME-encoded files:


The SMS Daemon to handle Inbound messages is a separate Python script.

It can distinguish between simple messages (added to the InBox of the Messaging Module) & those which are encoded in Binary XML (the output of XForms from the J2ME client).

Implementation details are here:

Q: Do we use Cron to check OutBox & signal the daemon to send Pending messages? (as for email)

Toolkits we can base on:

Hardware compatibility databases:


Adding support for sending out/receiving alerts via Twitter would be nice. This is easy to do within base Web2Py, so this just needs a little UI work to integrate.


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