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    4747=== !ToDo ===
    4848 * Get the jaxdroid work on Sahana compatibility merged into ODK Trunk
    4950 * Send Images
    5051  * Use ODK Collect to acquire photographic data through a form on the mobile client
    5354  * Handle image storage on the server side when a user uploads a photo
    5455  * See [ Sahana Eden Mobile Photo Upload Blueprint] for additional information.
    5557 * Send GPS Coordinates
    5658  * [ GeoTagger] is a sample Form for ODK which can be used as a template for what needs to be produced by {{{controllers/}}} from location_id & image_id fields.
    7072 * QR Code to download the Trunk version (which should update from this version & not default ODK location)
    7173  * UserGuidelines on creating/embedding a custom QR code for a deployment-specific version
     75 * Have the list of downloadable XForms more easily configurable (currently hardcoded in controllers/ formList())
     76  * e.g. Use the same approach as Importer does by marking resources in the modules list in
    7277== J2ME ==
    7378Documentation on the current implementation is here: