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ODK Integration


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    4747XForms can be submitted using SMS by including the encoding format within the XForm so that client & server agree on the encoding:
    4848 *
     50=== ODK Integration ===
     51* Be able to take a CSV export from ODK Aggregate & display this as a layer on the Sahana Map
     52 * Import into a system which can support Dynamic Tables
     53  * Like DC & gis_shapefile
     54 * Identify the Lat/Lon fields & use these direct for mapping (treat these like gis_cache or gis_feature_query)
     55 * Be able to select attributes for styling (initially via hand-crafted JSON, later via UI)
     56 * Be able to display all attributes in Popup
     57 * NB This could also be done by simply adding the layer as KML if we restore a KML file layer
     58* Be able to link to existing Sahana entities (Places, Facilities, People, etc)
     59 * Build this support into Dynamic Tables
     60 * De-duplicate on the import to create Foreign keys
     61* Write out XLSForm fragments with lookup lists (e.g. LocationSelector as obvious usecase)
     62* Be able to import directly into existing Sahana entities
     63 * extend the XSLForm generator to create full forms with S3CSV-style column names/options
     64 * Incident Reporting as obvious use-case
     65* Be able to do Reports on Dynamic Tables
     66 * Requires being able to identify the field types (such as Dates)...which could be done by imoporting the XForm template or by smart analysis of the data
     67 * Why? Stdised user interface behind a common login / roles / realm
    5070== Android ==