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Blueprint for Mobile Clients

We want clients on Mobile devices to be able to talk to Sahana Eden servers. They should have local storage for use completely offline & then be able to sync back to the server using whatever connectivity becomes available:

Using the open XForms standard means that we can support handsets using both Android & J2ME.

XForms editor:

XForms can be submitted using SMS by including the encoding format within the XForm so that client & server agree on the encoding:


OpenDataKit have a suite of tools to use on Android.

There are 2 APIs for sending SMS. 1 of which automatically splits up larger messages into multi-part SMS.


Documentation on the current implementation is here:

  • This needs updating to the latest version of JavaRosa

JavaRosa is a fast-developing framework which uses XForms & J2MEPolish:

This supports using Mesh4j to do synchronisation via SMS:


KUIX can be used to develop lightweight applications which work across may handhelds & forms can be customised easily via XML/CSS:

Old, un-maintained J2ME client for the PHP back-end, which just uses XML-RPC (=> requires Internet):


Sahana Software Foundation have a developer license which can be used by anyone interested in developing this.


Adding touch support to OpenLayers:

Taking the Map offline:

Other projects



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