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    1515== Projects ==
     17=== Description ===
     19The Occupy projects team is currently using a [ Google Form] to capture information about projects, but it would be better to use Eden for this. This means providing a public view to project data, so that potential volunteers can learn about project activities and get in touch with coordinators. Eden should also capture some additional information about projects and enable project leaders to register certain needs (like volunteers or technical help) to the people responsible for those things.
     21=== Use-Cases ===
     23A project team member would register for the Sahana site as a "Project User" role, which would allow them to register their project in the system.  Once registered, Project Admin users can approve or reject them. Approved projects have their basic details publicly accessible via table and map views, but the rest of their information would only be accessible to project owners and project admins.  An additional tab on project profiles only viewable to project owners and admins would be a threaded comments section where those two groups could publish notes and communicate with each other.
     25Project users have the ability to make requests for supplies, people (skils) and services from the network. Project Admins maintain a directory of "services" (new request type: services) that can be requested by projects.  Services consist of a Title, Description and General Contact Email and can be associated with a Person Entity: individual, group/team, organization.  When a project requests a service, the general contact is sent an email notification (via saved search and notification functionality).  These requests would be viewable by filtering services for type: services.
    1727=== New project data fields ===