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    44The following is a list of development tasks in order of their priority.
     5== Use Cases ==
     6=== Respond and Rebuild ===
     8R+R provides muck-outs and mold remediation services to people in the Rockaways.
     10What they do:
     11* assess houses to see what work they need done, organize volunteers to do that work, and follow up with residents to make sure everything
     12* worked out okay.
     13* manage resources for the OS community, including tools and vehicles.
     14* purchase supplies for their own work and the work of others.
     15* do canvassing
     17What they need:
     18* assessments: track their assessments through various workflows
     19* resources: log their resources and create ways for the community to access them.
     20* requests: make and fulfill requests from the network
     21* canvassing: manage canvassing information through various workflows
     23=== Mapping the Network ===
     24MtN collects information about the projects people in the OS network are engaging in and help connect projects doing similar work with each other.
     26What they do:
     27* develop relationships at all the active OS sites
     28* get information from active OS sites about what is taking place there
     29* collect and organize information about the sites and discrete projects in the OS network
     30* create beautiful, intuitive representations of this information
     32What they need:
     33* a directory of people and locations active in OS
     34* a way to record information about sites and the projects - site-specific and non-site-specific.
     35* an organizational schema that enables them to match projects doing similar work or who could effectively share resource together.
     36* different types of maps!
     38=== Childs Building (Warehouse) ===
     39The Childs Building is a warehouse in Coney Island being run by “Coney Rises” an Occupy Sandy affinity group similar to R+R composed of many folks from the 520 and Jacobi logistics operations. 
     41What they do:
     42* Receive shipments and distribute goods to the OS network
     43* Manage OS network assets, such as vehicles and heavy equipment
     45What they need:
     46* Inventory (warehouse) management
     47* Asset managment
     49=== Occupy Sandy SI ===
     50OSSI has the largest and most organized hub in the OS network.  They’ve begun a serious canvassing operation and want to organize their data.
     52What they do:
     53* Manage a large tool library and inventory
     54* Send out canvassers
     56What they need:
     57* Manage inventory
     58* Manage assets
     59* Manage canvassing data and work assessments
     60* Communicate with the network
    563== Projects ==