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    269269Status: Needs an Owner
    271 Inventory
    273 The following items have been defined in this spreadsheet:
     271The following item labels and fields have been defined in this spreadsheet:
    274272* Asset
    275273* Asset Log
    276274* Contacts
    278 Only sheets with colored columns should be implemented.  The following color coding is used:
    279 * Green = recommended
    280 * Yellow = if necessary
     276Green fields should be implemented, yellow fields can be kept but aren't particularly important and red fields should be deleted/hidden.
     278=== Inventory ===
     279'''Key Question:''' Stock Counts are the primary way people maintain an inventory in Sahana, but this is not always ideal.  Would it be possible to give facilities the option to manage their stock on a rolling basis in which they can edit item quantities directly from their stock screens and a log is kept of all the changes? 
     282'''Key Features'''
     283* Give users the ability to edit stock from the Facility > Warehouse > Stock page, maybe they could toggle "Stock Adjustment On" to reveal editable table of items.
     284* Change information displayed at Facility > Warehouse > Stock table to: Item - Category - Pack - Pack Quantity - Unit Quantity - <action> - Bin - Expiration - Owner - Supplier - Status - Updated.  Ideally this could be displayed less like a table and [ more like this].
     285* During Stock Counts, Sahana gives autocompleted recommendations when adding an item.  Those recommendations only have the Item's Name.  It would be better if they also had the item's Catalog.  For example, "Water" would be displayed as "Water (Sandy)"
     286* Include Pack unit information whenever packs are displayed.  For example, "4 boxes" would display as "4 boxes (36 x piece)"
     287* Give users the ability to delete items and item categories, but make it less likely they will accidently do so by creating a "Safety Button".  To active delete functionality( reveal delete buttons), the user must click the "safety" button.  The safety button would be off by default. 
     288* On the "Adjust Item Quantity" page, all the "reasons" for the adjustment are options for why there are less items, not why there are more.  Please add the following reasons: "delivery", "found"
     290Reporting Featured:
     291* Warehouse Stock Report
     292** Be able to remove items with zero inventory
     293** Show packs and pack quantity
     294** Easy PDF and XLS exports
     295** Ability to sort tables
     296** List Column for Comments/per item
     297* Monetization:
     298* Utilization:
     299* Incoming Supplies:
     300* Releases:
     301* Receive/Incoming Shipments:
     302* Custom Reporting?
     304Additional Features
     305* Add a search bar to the sidebar menu, maybe with a drop down to specify what types of items to search.
     306* Color code permission features so you can see what options other people can't see
     307* Give users the ability to see what permissions they have been granted - maybe in their user profile?
     308* Floating sidebar menu?
    281309* Red = delete