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    1515== Update 3 ==
    17 The third Sahana update focuses on:
     17The four Sahana update focuses on:
     18* improving usability and information access for anonymous users
    1819* tweaking projects a bit more so it can be used by Occupy Sandy to promote and track projects that it funds
    1920* general usability improvements for managing inventory and assets for use by relief hubs
    2021* modifying the organization directory for use by the Sandy Long Term Recovery Organizations
     23=== Anonymous Users ===
     25* Home
     26* Projects
     27* Organizations
     28* Locations
     30Anonymous home should have:
     31* Log In
     32* About this Portal (text box)
     33* View Projects
     34* View Locations
     35* View Organizations
     37Anonymous Users creating projects:
     38* Give Anonymous Users the ability to create projects Currently this would be possible right now if it weren't for "lead implementer" not allowing people to make a selection or "add an organization".  If this is due to Anonymous users not having the ability to see organizations, then that will be fixed by giving them that ability.
     39* Anonymous users project should go into a "private" status until they are accepted by the "project spokes council" in which case they'd be made public.
     41=== Projects ===
     44Change headings to
     45* Project Name
     46* Project Blurb
     47* Status (Past, Present, Future)
     48* Lead Implementer
     49* Total Funded
     50* Website
     52Project Details:
     54Under '''Basic Details'''
     55* Drop "categories" from profile/display
     57Under '''Organizations'''
     58* Add "Date Created" to display table
     59* Add "Proposal" field where a link to the proposal or budget can be added.
     61Under '''Activities'''
     62* new order: Project Title (not blurb and title), Activity Title (instead of name), Short Description (make field larger text box), Date
     63* Can this generate a proper RSS feed?
     65Under '''Media'''
     66NOTE: projects can use this tab to upload budgets and see their status.
     67* Can this tab be viewed only by project admins?
     68* Can we add "status" to Media and give project admin users the ability to: (1) add comments to the media, (2) change media status (pending, accepted, rejected, modified)
     70Under '''Staff'''
     71* Change tab name from "Staff" to "Members"
     72* Make this tab only view-able to Project Admins
     74NOTE: if we can't make Media and Staff tabs restricted while having the "Projects" section available, implement the changes anyway, but it's likely we won't use those tabs in the official "project process".
     76Eliminate the '''Volunteers''' tab
     78=== Inventory and Assets ===
     79==== General Usability ====
     80'''Key Question:''' Stock Counts are the primary way people maintain an inventory in Sahana, but this is not always ideal.  Would it be possible to give facilities the option to manage their stock on a rolling basis in which they can edit item quantities directly from their stock screens and a log is kept of all the changes? 
     82'''Key Features'''
     83* When sending a shipment, after it auto-corrects an item, the system used to show how many items the user still had in stock, but no longer does that.  It would be nice for it to continue to do that.
     84* Send Shipment > Add New Item, the pull down menu only shows the item name.  It should show both the item name and the pack. 
     85* Give users the ability to edit stock from the Facility > Warehouse > Stock page, maybe they could toggle "Stock Adjustment On" to reveal editable table of items.
     86* Change information displayed at Facility > Warehouse > Stock table to: Item - Category - Pack - Pack Quantity - Unit Quantity - <action> - Bin - Expiration - Owner - Supplier - Status - Updated.  Ideally this could be displayed less like a table and [ more like this].
     87* During Stock Counts, Sahana gives autocompleted recommendations when adding an item.  Those recommendations only have the Item's Name.  It would be better if they also had the item's Catalog.  For example, "Water" would be displayed as "Water (Sandy)"
     88* Include Pack unit information whenever packs are displayed.  For example, "4 boxes" would display as "4 boxes (36 x piece)"
     89* Give users the ability to delete items and item categories, but make it less likely they will accidently do so by creating a "Safety Button".  To active delete functionality( reveal delete buttons), the user must click the "safety" button.  The safety button would be off by default. 
     90* On the "Adjust Item Quantity" page, all the "reasons" for the adjustment are options for why there are less items, not why there are more.  Please add the following reasons: "delivery", "found"
     92'''Reporting Features:'''
     93* Warehouse Stock Report
     94  * Be able to remove items with zero inventory
     95  * Show packs and pack quantity
     96  * Easy PDF and XLS exports
     97  * Ability to sort tables
     98  * List Column for Comments/per item
     99* Monetization:
     100* Utilization:
     101* Incoming Supplies:
     102* Releases:
     103* Receive/Incoming Shipments:
     104* Custom Reporting?
     106Additional Features
     107* Add a search bar to the sidebar menu, maybe with a drop down to specify what types of items to search.
     108* Color code permission features so you can see what options other people can't see
     109* Give users the ability to see what permissions they have been granted - maybe in their user profile?
     110* Floating sidebar menu?
     112==== Item Labels and Descriptive Fields ====
     113The following items have been defined in this spreadsheet:
     114* Asset
     115* Asset Log
     116* Contacts
     118The first row defines the field labels.  Green colored fields should be implements, yellow fields can be kept and red fields should be deleted or hidden from view.
     120=== Organization Directory ===
     123* Drop/combine some of the tabs to reduce clutter, leaving the following tabs for organizations:
     124  * Basic Details
     125  * Contacts
     126  * Facilities
     127  * Projects
     128  * Assets
     132* Name
     133* Network
     134* Contact
     135* Address
     136* Phone
     137* Email
     138* Services (check boxes)
     139** See
     140* Organization Type (check boxes)
     141** Network
     142** Government
     143** Nonprofit
     144** Project
     145** Funder
     148==== Additional Lower Priority Changes ====
     150View All
     151* Hide “Department” and add “Groups”
     152* Eliminate “Contract End Date”
     155* Replace the word “Team” with “Group” throughout the system.
     156* Enable us to click on a contact’s name in “Group View” >  “View Member” and have that take us to that person’s contact profile.
     158Staff Member
     159* “Teams” tab on member profile currently displays a table with “Person, Team Leader, Description” when it should display “Team Name, Team Leader?, Description” and allow the user to “Open” the team view.
     160* Implement Staff profile changes as indicated in “Sahana for Sandy - Templates” spreadsheet
     163* Drop/combine some of the tabs to reduce clutter, leaving the following tabs for organizations:
     164  * Basic Details
     165  * Contacts
     166  * Facilities
     167  * Projects
     168  * Assets
    23169=== Bugs ===
    24170* The "Add New Item" from Stock Count page doesn't work