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     1= !BluePrint: Plugins =
     4== Introduction ==
     5Plugins allow people to extend Sahana Eden without their code needing to be added to Trunk & yet keeping their Trunk install conmpletely clean.
     7This helps prevent merge conflicts between different deployment branches & hence reduces the risk of forking.
     9== Use-Cases ==
     10=== End-User ===
     11The End-User wishes to be able to browse a repository of plugins, viewing their names, descriptions & who maintains them. They wish to be able to click on a plugin to easily install them into their running instance of Eden.
     13=== Developer ===
     14The Developer wishes to be able to develop new functionality which extends a base Eden install without needing to have anything added to Trunk.
     16This functionality may include:
     17* Modules
     18* [DeveloperGuidelines/Templates Template]
     19* [DeveloperGuidelines/Themes Theme]
     21== Design ==
     22* A plugin is a Web2Py application which acts as a co-app to the main Eden instance.
     23* The plugin will have standard files to identify itself to Eden:
     24 * Metadata (Name, Description, Maintainer)
     25 * Menu entries
     26 * List of Modules/Functions to be added to Auth UI
     27* The Eden instance can be configured with a list of plugins using {{{settings.plugins = ["plugin1", "plugin2"]}}}
     28 * This could be done in either models/ or a Template
     29 * Q: How can we download these from a URL if not found?
     30* S3Menu to be extended to read the settings & add additional menu entries found in those folders
     32=== Future extensions ===
     34== Implementation ==
     35Once implemented the design will move here:
     36* DeveloperGuidelines/Plugins
     40[BluePrint BluePrints]