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xlwt: better URL

Blueprint for Reporting/Charting

We need to be able to generate Pretty & Informative Reports from the database

S2 version:

Geraldo is a powerful-looking library which we could make use of (for PDF (via ReportLab) & Graphics (via PIL)):

Excel files can be written using:

T2 includes a basic barchart function:

def barchart(data,width=400,height=15,scale=None,
    if not scale: scale=max([m for n,c,m in data])
    if not scale: return None
    return TABLE(_class='barchart',
           *[TR(TD(n,_width=label_width,_style="text-align: right"),
           _style="vertical-alignment: middle") for n,c,m in data])

Could be something to use Flash?


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