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dataLists view for Incidents

SAFIRE template for Sahana Eden 2.0

Action Plan

  • Better support for multiples of a resource:
    • Have a Quantity field
    • If the Quantity is > 1 then an assignment creates a duplicate record for the assignment & reduces the Quantity by 1.
    • Assigned records cannot edit the Quantity
    • OR have components of components, which isn't likely to be as good.
  • Assign People should:
    • be able to distinguish between
      • resources directly under control which can be simply assigned
      • resources visible in the database, that we can see are available, but we need to Requisition from their Approver(s)
      • resources that are held in external systems & we need to Request (probably via EDXL-RM through req_availability)
    • be able to filter by Credential for role
    • be able to show Location in Autocomplete results
      • Branch
      • Site
      • Home Address
      • Current Tracked location
      • Area of Responsibility (from Org/Branch, Site or Individual)
      • if we need more then we can add e.g. the Staff Number (Possibly optional based on results found!)
  • Assign Items should:
    • Filter to only assignable Assets (or show status in Autocomplete results)
    • Add Asset Log Entries
  • Assign Task should:
    • separate out Persons/Groups/Orgs
    • use an Assign method which allows viewing many attributes & Filtering...rather than starting with the Name
  • Support Consumables
    • Option 1: Action Plan has separate section for Consumables
    • Option 2: Items section uses item_entity_id to be able to assign Assets or Consumables
  • Support Teams
    • Option 1: Action Plan has separate section for Teams
    • Option 2: Personnel section uses pe_id to be able to assign Persons or Groups
  • Support Requests for Consumables, Assets, People and Budget
  • Task Chaining with Dependencies
  • Allow URL links in Action Plan/SOP to be clickable
  • Ensure all resources released when an Event is closed (EDXL-RM support & availability)


Have a dataLists view for better support for touch-screens

  • update the default view to include correct data & style better (e.g. use WACOP style)
  • add ability to colour-code Incidents (per-user or global?)
  • add ability to Pin Incidents (keep them at the top)
  • have ability to Star Incidents (be able to filter by Star)
    • thia is the same functionality as the existing Bookmarks (event_bookmark)


When an Incident is linked to an Event

  • update the Event field in all components of the Incident (such as Assessments)


  • Add Images to SitReps (adding them as Documents means we can't have clickable thumbnails, etc)
  • Event's Photos tab should show all Images for component resources, such as SitReps, not just those directly linked to the Event resource
    • see case_include_group_docs for an example in br
  • Be able to mark as Public for access by e.g. Media (who could be subscribing via RSS or Notifications)
  • Add a button to export as PDF
    • Make a custom PDF layout to replace the very limited default
  • Custom RSS layout
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