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SAFIRE template for Sahana Eden 2.0

Action Plan

  • Allow URL links in Action Plan/SOP to be clickable
  • Ensure all resources released when an Event is closed (EDXL-RM support & availability)


  • Assign Task should:
    • separate out Persons/Groups/Orgs
    • use an Assign method which allows viewing many attributes & Filtering...rather than starting with the Name
  • Task Chaining with Dependencies


  • Support Consumables
    • Option 1: Action Plan has separate section for Consumables
    • Option 2: Items section uses item_entity_id to be able to assign Assets or Consumables


  • Support Teams
    • Option 1: Action Plan has separate section for Teams
    • Option 2: Personnel section uses pe_id to be able to assign Persons or Groups


  • Support Requests for Consumables, Assets, People and Budget

Resource Assignments

  • Better support for multiples of a resource:
    • Have a Quantity field
    • If the Quantity is > 1 then an assignment creates a duplicate record for the assignment & reduces the Quantity by 1.
    • Assigned records cannot edit the Quantity
    • OR have components of components, which isn't likely to be as good.
  • Assign People should:
    • be able to distinguish between
      • resources directly under control which can be simply assigned
      • resources visible in the database, that we can see are available, but we need to Requisition from their Approver(s)
      • resources that are held in external systems & we need to Request (probably via EDXL-RM through req_availability)
    • be able to filter by Credential for role
    • be able to show Location in Autocomplete results
      • Branch
      • Site
      • Home Address
      • Current Tracked location
      • Area of Responsibility (from Org/Branch, Site or Individual)
      • if we need more then we can add e.g. the Staff Number (Possibly optional based on results found!)
  • Assign Items should:
    • Filter to only assignable Assets (or show status in Autocomplete results)
    • Add Asset Log Entries

Currently, we just record Start/End times for resource assignments. This is suitable for Budget Tracking, but not for KPIs. We could increase this to several parts, along with ODO (Odometer) readings for Vehicles:

  • Time Requested
  • Start ODO
  • Time Departed Base
  • Time Arrived at Staging Area
  • Staging ODO
  • Time Departed Staging Area
  • Time Arrived on Scene
  • Scene Start ODO
  • Scene End ODO
  • Time Departed Scene

Start Ambulances-only

  • Time Arrived Hospital
  • Hospital ODO
  • Time Patient Admitted
  • Time Departed Hospital

End Ambulances-only

  • Time Arrived Base
  • End ODO

Of course, all of these could be hidden for specific deployments if they want just a simplified subset.

The ideal way of handling this would seem to be to fully automate, like this:

  • GPS coordinates for Trackable resources (Persons or Assets) are regularly uploaded automatically to sit_situation
    • along with any other attributes that are available (ideally, for Ambulances, this would include ODO & Fuel level)
  • When the Trackable is assigned to an Incident, then a watch is placed on that table
  • When the location matches a point of interest (staging area, incident, hospital), with whatever buffer we deem appropriate, then the Status of the Resource is updated ('Arrived at Staging Area', 'Arrived Hospital', etc), along with updating the Time & ODO for that status.

Of course, we need the ability to do manual over-rides for if the tech isn't available (e.g. broken)


Have a dataLists view for better support for touch-screens

  • update the default view to include correct data & style better (e.g. use WACOP style)
  • add ability to colour-code Incidents (per-user or global?)
  • add ability to Pin Incidents (keep them at the top) (per-user or global?)
  • have ability to Star Incidents (be able to filter by Star)
    • thia is the same functionality as the existing Bookmarks (event_bookmark)


When an Incident is linked to an Event

  • update the Event field in all components of the Incident (such as Assessments)


  • Add Images to SitReps (adding them as Documents means we can't have clickable thumbnails, etc)
  • Event's Photos tab should show all Images for component resources, such as SitReps, not just those directly linked to the Event resource
    • see case_include_group_docs for an example in br
  • Be able to mark as Public for access by e.g. Media (who could be subscribing via RSS or Notifications)
  • Add a button to export as PDF
    • Make a custom PDF layout to replace the very limited default
  • Custom RSS layout
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