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    77* know where they are at every step of each function
    88* present the information using a standard set of objects
     10Each of the GUI objects will comprise the following design and functional characteristics:
     111. Dashboard
     121. Table
     15=== Dashboard ===
     16Upon login the user will be presented with the dashboard
     17==== First <div> container ====
     18A row with status indicators for each of the role specific dashboards:
     19||= Role =||incident report ||resource request, dispatch ||planning ||logistics ||finance ||administration ||   
     20||EOC Commander || Y || Y || Y || Y || Y || Y || Y || Y ||
     21   a. EOC Operations: incident report, resource request, open dispatch counts
     22   a. EOC Planning: open incident reports, open resource requests, open planning activities, logistics activity counts
     23   a. EOC Logistics: logistics activity status counts
    1025=== GUI Objects ===
    1530||2. Dashboard  ||role specific landing page (i.e. upon login direct user to the page) ||
    1631||3. Quick Nav  ||image button to navigate to the feature (i.e. an icon to click to navigate to the function or feature ||
    17 ||4. Button     ||submit type standard Eden button to activate a function ||
     32||4. Button     ||Strictly for CRUD only; i.e. standard Eden buttons ||
    1833||5. Summary    ||summary box with either a paragraph or list (e.g. headline, title, status, priority, date information) ||
    1934||6. Indicator  ||numbers, color-coding, chart, or other dynamic indicator (e.g. number of active incident reports) ||