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    1919   a. Q: What is the immediate need? A: Send a search and rescue team to the area.
    20201. The call center staff calls the Park Ranger station to inform the situation
    21 1. The Park Ranger station agrees to send a SAR team into the area.
    22 1. The local fire station, park services, wildlife and fisheries reply to request with their capabilities and capacities (or SAFIRE automatically determines who should be dispatched from the Assets, Fleet, and Skills knowledge-base)
    23 1. The police station situation room, updates the SAFIRE Crisis Map with dispatched teams and the search grids
    24 1. Every 15 minutes the 3 SAR teams update their location and the status (found, determining, missing); Crisis Map is updated
    25 1. Each member on of the SAR teams receive situational report updates on their mobile handhelds of the where has been searched what are potential hints
     211. The Park Ranger station agrees to send a SAR team into the area.
     221. The Call Center staff asks the Ranger station for the name of the area to locate the geocode and confirm the area; then enters marks that in the incident report map to auto-draw a polygon.
     231. The Park Ranger station dispatches a SAR team and calls the 112 call center to update the situation. They also give the phone number of the Team leader (commander).
     241. The Call Center staff updates the incident report with Commander contact detail.
     251. The Call Center staff, telephones the mother to inform her that a SAR team has been dispatched and shares the Commanders contact details.
     261. Every 15 minutes the SAR team leader update their location and the status
     271.  hints
    26281. If the caller used a mobile phone, then they would receive text updates at various milestones of the SAR