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    3535   a. Q: What is your request? A: "My son: Mahela Jayathilekke (17 year, 150m) and his friend Anura Sangakkara (17 year, 160m) went hiking. They left home at 9am in the morning. Supposed to return home at 2pm. They haven't called and I cannot get through to their mobile 07654442121. I am worried. They said they were hiking to Kinrinda lake"
    36361. Thereafter, the Call Center staff adds the following information in the same form:
    37    a. incident = two teenagers missing in Hanttana national park
     37   a. Incident = two teenagers missing in Hanttana national park
    3838   a. Immediate need = dispatch a search and rescue team to the area.
    39391. Call Center staff:
    6161=== Landslide ===
    62 '''Heavy rains has caused a landslide damaging and innundating a'''
     62'''"Heavy rains has caused a landslide damaging and covering a popular B-52 county road in Badarawella hill-country"'''
     631. At 5:45am, a vehicle driving on the B-52 county road halts at a damaged section, unable to pass through
     641. The driver calls the 112 Call Center to report the incident
     651. Call Center staff:
     66   a. starts a new incident report
     67   a. selects incident type = "landslide" to initiate the respective incident report form
     68   a. Then asks the questions:
     69      i. Q: Who am I speaking with? A: Mr. Anura Thennakoon
     70      i. Q: How can we contact you? A: 07775552121
     71      i. Q: Please explain the situation? A: "the road is damaged and is washed off, I am approximately 5km from Bandarawella town on the B-52 road, coming from Bandarawella. I cannot get through. I can also see, approximately 200m away, that the earth has slid on to the road covering it. How can I get to Bandarawella town? I don't have mobile data to search on google maps"
     72   a. says "please hold on sir while I find you another route"
     73   a. she completes the following information in the same form:
     74      i. incident = landslide on B-52 country road
     75      i. immediate need = dispatch team to assess situation
     76   a. Refers to the FAQ: "how to re-route a vehicle?" Instructions indicate:
     77      i. Opens a Google map (off-system) in your browser
     78      i. Type the location name in the search box
     79      i. Look for alternate routes (option - use google direction option)
     80      i. explain the routing information
     81   a. Opens the in-system "resource map search" option to:
     82      i. locate the closest first-response team
     83      i. identifies a Sarvodaya CERT team, approximately 2km from the incident
     84      i. calls (off-system) on the given contact number requesting to assess the situation
     85      i. clicks the assign button to assign the resource to the task = assess situation
     861. CERT team:
     87   a. Off-system, the on call duty person activates the CERT
     88   a. Team leader telephones the Call Center to share his name and contact information.
     891. Call Center staff:
     90   a. updates the incident report with the Team Leaders in the Incident Commander information
     91   a. she clicks on issue alert to:
     92      i. initiate SAMBRO (off-system from SAFIRE) to issues a CUG restricted landslide alert
     93      i. alert will be received by the District: Disaster Management Center, Police, Health Department, Road Maintenance Authority, Public Transportation, etc
     941. CERT Leader:
     95   a. activates Viber to access the designated group:
     96      i. use voice messaging to explain the situation and inform the immediate needs
     97      i. share photos of the situation
     981. Call Center staff:
     99   a. receives the voice messages and photos over the restricted 112 Viber channel
     100   a. Updates the incident report by:
     101      i. transforming the CERT leaders voice reports to text
     102      i. uploading the CERT leaders sent photos
     103      i. demarcating the affected area on map, described by the CERT Leader
     1041. District Disaster Management Center Commander
     105   a. Uses the VHF radio (off-system), to report to the EOC Call Center
     1061. Call Center staff:
     107   a. Updates the Incident Commander information, by replacing the CERT Leader information with DMC Commander's information
     108   a. Asks the new Incident Commander, what are your immediate needs with required resources
     109   a. Based on the commanders request, the EOC Planning Unit updates that tasks and required resources table
    63111=== Explosion & Major Fire ===
    64112'''"an explosion at a large hazardous material factory; managing fire and casualties"'''