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    2626=== Briefly ===
    2727Sahana First Response (SaFiRe) is designed to support a Simple Emergency Operation Center (EOC). An EOC could be as simple as a single terminal with a single user (e.g. a Dispatch Station) recording incident reports and dispatching an emergency service. The emergency service might be the maintenance engineers of a telecommunications service provider deployed to fix a backup power generator. A Police EOC would utilize for managing field-observation (burglary, accident, dispute) and casualty-illness reports (accident, murder). The Police response and resources allocated to an incident varies upon the scenario. The other extreme is managing a crisis such as an earthquake with many casualties, damages, and losses. All these, whether big or small, require managing a series of activities and sharing information across multiple Incident Command and Control System (ICCS) platforms.
    29 === Solution ===
    30 The SAFIRE Simple EOC offers a workflow from incident report inception through a cycle until the situation is contained. Important SAFIRE features:
    31 * Crisis mapping contributes to the common operating picture and categorical representation of the reports
    32 * Able to input and output reports in various formats (JSON, XML, PDF, XSL, SQL) and emergency data exchange standards (EDXL, HXL)
    33 * Use a combination of voice and data input and output streams
    34 *
    3629=== Problem ===