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    59591. [wiki:BluePrint/SAFIRE/UseCases#FlashFloods Flash floods (evacuation)] - a village with 12 families and 2 disabled persons need immediate rescue from the rushing food waters
    60601. [wiki:BluePrint/SAFIRE/UseCases#Utilities (restoration)] -
    61 === utilities ===
    62 A telecom operator needs to manage their assets (telecom equipment, network, vehicles), engineering staff, and other suppliers. A forest fire destroys a far remote Base Transmission Station (BTS). Firefighters need the telecom services restored for their data feeds. A fire fighter reports the incidents to the telecom operator's hotline. The incident is reported with relevant situation information. The managers decide to dispatch an engineering team to further assess the damage. Based on the initial situation information, the managers derive the required response resource such as fuel, power generator, cleanup crew, antenna, and shelter for equipment. A message is multicast to all the resource suppliers. Those suppliers are dispatched and the logistics and project is managed until the situation is contained and telecoms are restored.
    6362=== Tropical Cylcone ===
    6463The First-Responders are dispatched to sweep the area to find any victims as well as assess the damage. The EOC collects the incident reports and begins compiling situation-information reports to plan the required response resource to restore immediate utilities and services. EOC coordinates the critical infrastructure restoration.