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    1931931. Training Report
     1961. currently unclear on the scope of the customizations required.
     197Minimally we can provide a custom template which will include a customized homepage with your Logo and the relevant modules enabled/disabled with some reordering of menus & relabelling to match your context. It can, of course, go a lot deeper than that if you have specific requirements.
     198Currently I have no knowledge of even which modules you intend to use.
     199Which languages does the system need to be available in?
     200The default is English, we have some of the system translated into French, but this may need some work to complete. Luckily I can speak French as I went to a French-speaking school in Brussels for 3 years as a child. Do you want to work on a translation into Seychellois?
     202Where do you plan on hosting the software?
     203We normally use Amazon Web Services, but are you planning to host in house?
     204Due to the specialist nature of the tool, we generally recommend that you see it as a SaaS solution rather than managing the server yourselves, although it is certainly possible for you to manage it if you have the requisite skills
     206Will it be delivered via a URL like or ?
     207Ideally this should be up and running before the training of-course.
     208I can, of course, assist with the installation....if this is SaaS then I just need you to handle the DNS & SSL certificate.
     210Do you have data available that you wish to import into the system?
     211I see some data on HDX:
     212- the airports, for instance, could be worth importing
     213- however this doesn't include the Administrative Boundaries which are generally the most important data to load. I can get the Districts from Wikipedia ( but if you had the Polygons (e.g. Shapefile) that would be great.
     215Seeing the data that you currently work from also helps give an idea of the workflows you want to make use of & the degree of customization required to get the system to fit.
    195216=== Washington, US State Common Operating Picture ===
    196217The Washington State Common Operating Picture (WA-COP) is being designed to manage and present the influx of state and county level emergency services data streams on in a single Eden-based application.