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    2082081. Do you have specific requirements?
    209209   a. It can, of course, go a lot deeper then
    210 1. Which languages does the system need to be available in?
     2101. Which languages does the system need to be available in? '''English Only'''
    211211   a. default is English,
    212212   a. we have some of the system translated into French, but this may need some work to complete
    225225   a. Seeing the data that you currently work from also helps give an idea of the workflows you want to make use of & the degree of customization required to get the system to fit.
    2262261. Do you need assistance with the installation
     228==== Sitreps ====
     229At their simplest,
     230* these are a Rich-text field where a summary of the current situation can be manually entered.
     231* The sitrep can be associated with a place on the map
     232   * can include Incident marker, and
     233   * potentially markers for assigned Resources (if we will have such granular data)
     235==== Assessments ====
     236* A user-customisable set of Questions/Answers
     238==== Reports ====
     239* Structured data pulled in from the rest of the system, such as which
     240Personnel / Assets are assigned (& for how long? Do you need to
     241recharge at all?)
     242* PDF export
    227245=== Washington, US State Common Operating Picture ===
    228246The Washington State Common Operating Picture (WA-COP) is being designed to manage and present the influx of state and county level emergency services data streams on in a single Eden-based application.