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    5050<eg. A <type of user> wants the solution to <do something for them> so that <can achieve a goal>.>
     52=== explosion ===
     53A large hazardous material factory explosion is reported to the Call Center. Police, Fire, and Ambulatory Services are dispatched to the scene. The EOC issues a Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) SMS/Cell Broadcast alert targeting the population in and around the location to evacuate the area.  EOC coordinates with CBRN Specialists and First-Responders to contain the incident and continues to update the situation-information.
     55=== landslide ===
     56A small landslide completely covering the road is reported by a driver to the Call Center. The Call Center dispatches the local Road Maintenance Authority and Community Emergency Response Team Members to the scene. EOC issues an Alert for situational-awareness. Now the Transportation Authority knows to temporarily halt the bus service along that route. Health department know not to dispatch any Ambulance along that road in an emergency, instead use alternate routes.
     58=== flood rescue ===
     59A person stranded on the roof with several other people, escaping from a flash flood, calls the Dispatch Services. The EOC deploys a Search & Rescue team with a boat to rescue the people to safety. The EOC dispatches a second team with warm clothing, food, and a vehicle to transport the victims to a temporary shelter.
     61=== food poisoning ===
     62A processed food item had been contaminated with a deadly substance. The Health department issues food safety a Public Warning requesting that anyone with the mentioned symptoms should visit the local hospital. The Health department issues a Restricted Alert to all Health Workers and Health Facilities with instructions on the specific procedures for responding to the crisis. Food Safety Authorities issue issue a Public Warning targetting Shop ownerst o remove the product from their shelves. Hotels and Restaurants are aware of the situation and will refrain from serving the product.
     64=== Tropical Cylcone ===
     65The First-Responders are dispatched to sweep the area to find any victims as well as assess the damage. The EOC collects the incident reports and begins compiling situation-information reports to plan the required response resource to restore immediate utilities and services. EOC coordinates the critical infrastructure restoration.
     67=== Train derailment ===
     68A high speed train derailed in a mountainous area. An observer calls in reporting mass number of casualties and several survivors stuck in unsafe carriages. The EOC dispatches local authorities to the scene to assess the situation and provide immediate assistance. After receiving field-observation reports the EOC dispatches other relevant First-Responders to stabilize the train and to rescue the survivors.
    5271== Requirements ==
    5372<Group requirements in subsections, e.g.,, etc.>