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    7272=== Functional ===
    7373* [wiki:BluePrint/CrisisMap Crisis Mapping] for receiving and visualizing incident reports
     75I would phrase the features in these kind of terms (note we have *all*
     76of these features already - they 'just' need bringing together into a
     77coherent template which has been tested and documented)
     79* Staff/Volunteer Management
     80- Credentials can be tracked (Skills, Training & Experience) to remind
     81people when they need to attend refresher trainings and see where
     82there are gaps in cover that need addressing
     84* Asset Management
     85- Assets can be tracked through purchase, deployment, loans and repairs.
     87* Fleet Management
     88- Vehicles can have their fuel usage monitored and use GPS Tracking to
     89report their current positions
     91* Incident Reporting
     92- Incidents can be logged by call centre staff or can be reported from
     93the field by both trusted agents & the general public (including
     94through Twitter/SMS/Email)
     96* Dispatch
     97- Teams of people & their equipment (vehicles/radios/etc) can be
     98assigned to an incident according to their Skills & Availability
     101* Incident Management
     102- SOP checklists can be worked through based on scenario templates
     103- The Incident Manager can file status updates & request additional
     104resources to be dispatched
     106* Share Information amongst heterogeneous systems
     107- FYI &/or Action requests can be shared with all authorised
     108stakeholders, whether or not they use Sahana (as long as they support
     109open standards such as EDXL or we develop a custom adapter)
    74111=== Non-functional ===