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    99A Police EOC would utilize for managing field-observation (burglary, accident, dispute) and casualty-illness reports (accident, murder). The Police response and resources allocated to an incident varies upon the scenario. The other extreme is managing a crisis such as an earthquake with many casualties, damages, and losses. All these, whether big or small, require managing a series of activities and sharing information across multiple Agencies with their '''Incident Command and Control Systems''' (ICCSs). 
    1010=== Problem ===
     11[wiki:BluePrint/SAFIRE#UserStories The problem that SAIFRE is solving is providing a simple crisis and emergency response management system.]
    1113Under a well-developed emergency management system, the Emergency Management Services of a Country should be aware of and should map every significant emergency incident and its response. Sharing such information among multiple agencies with disparate systems can be complicated. Solutions such as WebEOC are hard for small developing nations to finance. [ Silo-ed Organizations and inter-agency rivalry] at various levels of a national emergency management system becomes a difficult challenge to integrate. Managing who is doing what where and when becomes chaotic and costly to manually manage. There is a need for accountability and coherence in the public emergency services.
    1214=== Solution ===