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    3838=== Search and Rescue ===
    3939'''"Two hikers are reported missing in the national park; managing SAR."'''
    40 1. A concerned parent, at 6pm, calls the emergency hotline, 112, to report two missing teenagers.
    41 1. The call center staff opens a new incident report in SAFIRE to record the case
    42    a. last seen location
    43    a.
    44 The Police dispatch the local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) to search and rescue the missing persons. The situation information is updated with the areas covered by the search team. The EOC is able to use the information to determine better strategies.
     401. A concerned parent, at 6pm, calls the emergency hotline: 112 to report two missing teenagers. possibly lost in the national park
     411. The police station call center staff opens a new incident report in SAFIRE to record the case: statistics, last seen area
     421. The police station's situation room uses SAFIRE to request for SAR teams in the area.
     431. The local firs station, park services, wildlife and fisheries reply to request with their capabilities and capacities (or SAFIRE automatically determines who should be dispatched from the Assets, Fleet, and Skills knowledge-base)
     441. The police station situation room, updates the SAFIRE Crisis Map with dispatched teams and the search grids
     451. Every 15 minutes the 3 SAR teams update their location and the status (found, determining, missing); Crisis Map is updated
    4646=== explosion ===
    4747A large hazardous material factory explosion is reported to the Call Center. Police, Fire, and Ambulatory Services are dispatched to the scene. The EOC issues a Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) SMS/Cell Broadcast alert targeting the population in and around the location to evacuate the area.  EOC coordinates with CBRN Specialists and First-Responders to contain the incident and continues to update the situation-information.