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    4747* Review of Saved Searches - A UI will be provided to view the searches that were made in the past. The user will have the option of reviewing the updated search results and delete the saved queries.[[BR]]
    4848* Widget for Subscribing - The widget for subscription will appear on the page which contains all the saved searches, basically it will be a button which asks the user the particular saved search must be subscribed/unsubscrined.[[BR]]
    49 * UI for Updating the User - There will be a separate UI for the user to view the updation for his subscribed searches. This model  can be based on something like google reader where the user will click on the subscribed saved searches and then would be able to see the updates on the UI.(Refer to the mockup under 'Page containing Saved Searches and widget for subscribing -' )[[BR]]
     49* UI for Updating the User - A link to open the search page for a particular saved search will be present in the page containing saved searches.[[BR]]
    5151=== Files to be modified/created ===
    5555* S3Search Module for the retrieval of filters employed by the user.
    5656* Addition of a save search widget in the search form.
    57 *
     57* Addition of functions for saving searches and providing subscriptions in messaging module.
    5859==== Created Files ====
    60 * /models/
    61 * /controllers/
    6261* New files need to be created in views/ for UI.
    7271The Advanced Search options are generic.
    7372[[Image(myImage (2).png)]]
    75 '''Page for viewing Updates -'''[[BR]]
    76 This UI will show up all the subscriptions and after clicking upon them, one will be able to see the updates.
    77 [[Image(myImage (3).png)]]
    7974=== Timeline ===