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    1313A single model for holding information about the search query and the parameters that are saved by the user. This will be in `/modules/eden/` as a component of `pr_entity`.
    15 ==== Saved Search ====
    1615 name::
    1716  Name of the saved search as specified by the user.
    2827 last_executed::
    2928  The date and time the search was last executed by the subscription method. Set to match `modified_on` when record is first created.
    31 ==== Public Saved Searches ====
    32  saved_search::
    33   The saved search to make public.
     29 public::
     30  Is this saved search viewable to everyone? This should trigger an authorisation process. Boolean, default is `False`.
    3632=== Views ===
    4238Each person entity has a component for saved searches. This page will list all searches saved for this person entity, displaying the name of the search (as defined by the user when it was saved) and the query parameters.
    44 (The any/all option will require special extraction)
     40Given the following search query string
    46 Query parameters will be displayed as human-readable definition lists, e.g.:
    47  Page::
    48   Search Organisations (?)
    49  Search::
    50   search strings
    51  Type::
    52   Any of
    53   * Red Cross / Red Crescent
    54  Sector::
    55   Any of
    56   * DRR
    57   * Food Security
    58  Home Country::
    59   Any of
    60   * New Zealand
     46The user should see
     49Search=red cross AND Type=Red Cross / Red Crescent AND Sector=DRR,Food Security AND Home Country=New Zealand
     52Any field that has no matching representation should be omitted.
    6254The user will have three options for each search record:
    76681. Records with a `modified_on` value greater than `last_executed` are returned.
    77691. `last_executed` field updated to when the request was made.
    78 1. If the pr_entity is a group, fetch the appropriate contact details from each member. Recursively?
    79701. Format the response for special media, e.g., Twitter, SMS.
    8374* Implement representation functions for query string
    8475* Implement or update controllers
     76  * `/msg/search_notifications/` to be called via cron, first argument is the frequency.
     77  * Records with a `modified_on` value greater than `last_executed` are returned.
     78* Expand `/msg/search_notifications/` to notify all people within a pr_group by fetching the relevant contact details from all members.
     79* Add formatters/codecs to format the response for Twitter, SMS, etc.
    8580* Extend OAuth implementation for Twitter and Facebook to allow posting to users account.
    8984* Save a search after performing a search with filters.
    9085* Attempt to save a search with empty name; must fail.
     86* Delete a saved search.
    9187* Edit and save a saved search.
    9288* Executing a search from the saved search list page.
    93 * Sending the notification email
     89* Send notification email.