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    1616In an event of disaster, this functionality would help a lot in terms of providing information (take the example of dissemination of information related to availability of food, shelter, hospitals etc.). The project's essential capability is to disseminate information about various aspects through various means such as email/twitter/sms. Integrating this service into Sahana system will add to the platform's capability of tackling various issues faced in emergency/disaster management.
    17                 Fig. 3 – Mock UI for Review of Saved Searches and Subscription
     18=== Data Model ===
     21==== Saved Filters ====
     23Holds information about the search query and the parameters that are saved by the user.
     25||'''Field Name'''||'''Purpose'''||'''Datatype/table'''||'''Required'''||
     26||  timestamp ||Keeps the track of time of creation and subsequent modifications. ||table || ||
     27|| user_id ||The user id of the user who saved the search. ||FK referenced from (integer) ||Yes ||
     28||subscribed||The subscribed status of the user to a particular saved search.||boolean||Yes||
     29||filter_name||The query entered by the user.||string||Yes||
     30||filter_vars||The advanced filters selected by the user.||string (Assumption for the time being)||No  ||
     32==== Subscription ====
     34Holds information about the subscription details.
     36||'''Field Name'''||'''Purpose'''||'''Datatype/table'''||'''Required'''||
     37||  timestamp ||Keeps the track of last updated time. ||table || ||
     38||search_id||Refers to the saved search it is subscribed to.||FK referenced from (integer)|| ||       
     39||email_sub||Status of email subscription.||boolean|| ||       
     40||sms_sub||Status of sms subscription.||boolean|| ||   
     41||twitter_sub||Status of twitterl subscription.||boolean|| ||
     43=== UI Design ===
     45* Save Search Widget - The widget for saving the search will appear on the search results page, basically it will be a button which asks the user the particular search must be saved.[[BR]]
     46* Review of Saved Searches - A UI will be provided to view the searches that were made in the past. The user will have the option of reviewing the updated search results and delete the saved queries.[[BR]]
     47* UI for Subscription - The UI for subscribing to the saved searches can be implemented that the user would use for reviewing his saved searches.[[BR]]
     48* UI for Updating the User - There will be a separate UI for the user to view the updation for his subscribed searches. This model  can be based on something like google reader where the user will click on the subscribed saved searches and then would be able to see the updates on the UI.[[BR]]
     50=== Flowcharts ===