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    4747* UI for Updating the User - There will be a separate UI for the user to view the updation for his subscribed searches. This model  can be based on something like google reader where the user will click on the subscribed saved searches and then would be able to see the updates on the UI.[[BR]]
     49=== Files to be Modified ===
     51S3Search Module for the retrieval of filters employed and addition of a save search widget in the search form.
    4953=== Flowcharts ===
     57=== Timeline ===
     59'''First trimester (25 April - 23 May) - '''
     60||'''SMART Goal'''||'''Measure'''||'''Due Date'''||
     61||Exploring the S3Search module and adpc code||Preparing a save search model to integrate with the S3Search module and have the basic model in place||23rd May, 2011||
     63'''Second trimester (24 May - 11 July) -'''
     64||'''SMART Goal'''||'''Measure'''||'''Due Date'''||
     65||Implementing the save search data model||Completion of /models/ part for saving searches||5th June, 2011||
     66||Start UI and save search widget development||Elementary UI is in place||15th June, 2011||
     67||Testing||Plug the gaps and make it fully compatible with the existing code||19th June, 2011||
     68||Implementing the subscription data model||Completion of /models/ part for subscription||27th June, 2011||
     69||Start UI development for subscription/updation||Elementary UI is in place||4th July, 2011||
     70||Email sending, styling and custom frequency of notification||Feature of notifications through email is in place||11th July, 2011||
     72'''Third trimester (12 July - 15 August) - '''
     74||'''SMART Goal'''||'''Measure'''||Due Date||
     75||Testing that Everything Works||Plug the gaps and make it fully compatible with the existing code||17th July, 2011||
     76||Documentation and Merging||Code should adhere to standard and it's merging||20th July, 2011||
     77||Contingencies and Polishing||Reserve time for contingencies||1st August, 2011||