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    2929== Project Management ==
    31 === Intoduction ===
    32 -----
     31=== Intoduction: ===
    3533Project Description: Our company is designing a software to completely redesign the way you think about security. We want to have eyes on everything that goes on at a certain location or company. The software will be advanced and it will be the most high tech security software available. The software will redefine security and the way it’s viewed. We want to deliver a main security software, protected website for off site use, mobile application exclusively for administrators and CEO’s.. It should sound crazy because it is. We absolutely do not want another National Security leak of information. The software will monitor hallway activity, opening and closing of doors, live feed of cameras, a virtual feed of the activity, scanning of ID’s, employees on duty and their location at all times, location of certain special personal and monitoring of the network usage. The software will also have the capabilities to monitor offsite locations so we can plan the best action, depending on the situation. The software will serve as a top of the line system to protect the companies employee’s, companies data, and the overall image of the company. The website will be simply a place for the Administrators and CEO to securely log on to in case of a disaster. It will be simple, secure, and most importantly useful. The mobile application will serve as the same purpose. We hope that each will serve as a backup if we are to have a catastrophic disaster. We hope that this serious approach to security will minimize incidents like information leaks, non trusted individuals on grounds, and future planning. We want to provide our own equipment for each site that we will secure. Our employee’s will operate the equipment, manage the software from our office, and work with security already in place to guarantee success. The software is designed to keep everything out and to keep everyone safe from disasters. The main goal of this project and software is to keep a company safe from disasters.