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    4444 * The index of Eden APIs:[[BR]]
     47We'll deal with some data outside the new module, such as:
     49Received messages are stored in the "message log" table, msg_message.[[BR]]
     52(This is a special kind of table called (in Eden terminology) a "superentity". This is like a superclass
     53but for database tables. Records in multiple specialized tables have "parent" records in a shared
     54superentity table, so other tables can refer to any of the specialized tables without needing a foreign
     55key field for every one, by instead linking to the superentity record. References to ordinary
     56non-superentity tables are simpler.)
     58Workers will sign up for accounts on an Eden site. When they sign up, they will have a record in the
     59{{{auth_user}}} table and a record in the {{{pr_person}}} table for profile information. Because there
     60are other things besides people that have addresses and such, there is a superentity for person-like types.
     61But when we know we're referring to an actual person, we refer to their record in pr_person.
    4662=== Set up incoming messages ===
    4763Read the information on how messages are received by Eden from Twitter or SMS, and get test messages into an Eden instance.