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    3838Received messages are stored in the "message log" table, msg_message.[[BR]]
    4041(This is a special kind of table called (in Eden terminology) a "superentity". This is like a superclass
    4142but for database tables. Records in multiple specialized tables have "parent" records in a shared
    4243superentity table, so other tables can refer to any of the specialized tables without needing a foreign
    43 key field for every one.)
     44key field for every one, by instead linking to the superentity record. References to ordinary
     45non-superentity tables are simpler.)
    4547We want to add a table that joins to this to hold the data entered by a worker for a message.
    4749 * A foreign key reference to the msg_message table. Here is another table with such a reference:[[BR]]
    49  r A category that the worker will assign. This can be just a text field.
     51 * A category that the worker will assign. This can be just a text field for now. Here's an example of a
     52   text field (the from address in a message):[[BR]]
     54   (The category will be empty til the worker fills it in, so we can't require that it be non-empty.)
    5055 * A location that the worker will enter either by filling out a form and / or clicking on a map.
    5156   There is a standard widget for selecting locations that will be included automatically if the
    52    location is specified as in this example:
     57   location is specified as in this example:[[BR]]
     59   Here is where the function that generates the foreign key reference is defined:[[BR]]
     61   The name for the function used outside the gis module includes the "gis_" prefix to avoid ambiguity.
     63Why do we want a separate table? Why not just add a category and location to the msg_message table?
     64Eventually, we want to do "human intelligence task" processing, in which results are verified by
     65sending the same task to multiple workers, and comparing the results. So we may have more than one
     66set of results for each message. We want to include which worker did each task, so we can check
     67the quality of their work and refer them to more training if needed.
    5368=== Add a controller to generate task pages for workers ===