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     1= !BluePrint: Social Media =
     4== GHC2013 Project Proposals ==
     6=== Project option for "human intelligence task" processing ===
     7 * Receive tweets and / or SMS messages from the public.[[BR]]
     8 * Dispatch these to online workers to classify and geocode.[[BR]]
     9 * Display on a map.[[BR]]
     10Details are at [wiki:BluePrint/SocialMedia/GHC2013SocialMediaHITProcessing GHC2013 Social Media Human Intelligence Task Processing].
     12=== Project option for enhancements to current Eden social media features ===
     13Details are at [wiki:Blueprint/SocialMedia/GHC2013SocialMediaEnhancements GHC2013 Social Media Enhancements].
     15=== Current System ===
     16For ease of getting a large dataset to play with, we will use Twitter for this example, although the same system can be used for other message channels, like Email, SMS & RSS.
     18Test Server to see User Interface:
     21Install on your own system:
     22* Install Eden
     23* Install the [ TwitterSearch] library
     24* Follow the [UserGuidelines/Messaging#TwitterSearch User Guidelines] to get a Twitter OAuth account & use this to search
     26Relevant documentation:
     27* DeveloperGuidelines/Messaging
     28* DeveloperGuidelines/Messaging/Channels
     30Note: Documentation for both end-users & devs could use improvement
     31* feel free to dive in!
     33=== Projects ===
     34There are 2 projects that we can work on during this session:
     35(A) Some simple enhancements to the current interface
     36(B) Creating a 'Human Intelligence Tasking' module to allow the processing of these messages to be divided up amongst a lot of workers