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    5657== Projects ==
    5758There is a huge scope for for Social Media Integration in Sahana Eden some of which have been listed here. These are some more specific projects you may be able to engage with
    5860=== Social Media Feeds ===
    5961Enhance the feeds which are displayed on the homepage which are controlled with these settings
    6567=== Map Feeds ===
    6668This project allows the user to add layers of Geo-tagged data from Twitter onto the Map. It searches for tweets with specific keywords (that can be configured by user on Sahana web page). It then plots the location of these tweets on the Map.
    7070==== Searching Tweets ====
    8484==== Processing Tweets ====
    8585After fetching the twitter feeds, the Geo-tagged tweets are processed. They are parsed to fetch user information, tweet data and location information in terms of latitude and longitude. All this information then goes into the msg_twitter_search_results table.
    8687==== Plotting tweets on Map ====
    8788To display tweets on map, a new layer named "Twitter" is added under the overlays section on the map page. When a user selects this option, the location ids from the msg_twitter_search_results are fetched and a marker is displayed on those locations. Clicking on the marker image displays additional tweet information such as content, time and user info.
    8990==== Future Scope ====
    91911. Major limitation is that the twitter search keyword is hard coded.We need to make the code access the msg_twitter_search table and use the  keywords stored by the user through the GUI to search and display twitter feeds on the GIS map.
    92922. Display twitter icon on map instead of the normal location bubble.
    9696=== Publishing data to Social Media Account ===
    9797Allow Sahana Eden to be configured to have a Facebook or Twitter account it updates to. Look at the msg_search_subscription_notifications function ( which is used to send emails to users for Saved Searches - ideally this could also be used to save search criteria, and then when new records in that search are updated - a FB or Twitter update for the system is updated.
    9899== Design ==
    99100Some design considerations and requirements for integrating Social Media into emergency operations.
    101103== Implementation ==
    102104<Leave open for a list of implementation>
    106108* [ Social Media in emergencies communications guidelines]
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