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    5555  * I think it's useful to think about the types of rewards that could be offered to people with lots of points.
    5656  * I also think this would be a good reason to incorporaespeciallyte badges into EDEN, specifically which could be used as a reward mechanism as well as a way to share information about people's skills and experiences.
     58=== Improvements to PM Tool / Sunflower ===
     59* Get outstanding tasks from existing Sunflower site
     60* Review Permissions
     61* Settings to have new tasks automatically assigned to specific people (based on people for project / activity?)
     62* Different types of tasks
     63* Filter lists for different users 
     64* Make it simpler to log bugs
     65 *
     66 * Less fields
     67 * No login required - but allow user to specify who’s login it in a field
     68 * Add a default link to log a bug in Sunflower - which copies the current URL to the “Source” field
     69 * Log a bug when an error is encountered
     70 * If not already logged for this bug
    5773== Use-Cases ==
    5874* View a list of Sahana Volunteers
    6783* Be able to control the notifications you receive by task & project (all tasks for a specific project). Automatically be subscribed to your own tasks & projects and those assigned to you.
    6884* ...?
    7087== Design ==