Changes between Version 40 and Version 41 of BluePrint/Sunflower

07/29/14 22:42:13 (9 years ago)
Michael Howden



  • BluePrint/Sunflower

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    4141* Active deployments can use Sunflower as a destination for posting tasks related to their specific project.
    4242* SSF contributors can use Sunflower to track the status of internal projects, update directories or contacts and organizations, and log information about opportunities for grants and jobs.
    43 * Users can view news feeds from peer organizations and thought leaders.
     43* Users can view news feeds from partner organizations and thought leaders.
    4444* User Organizations would maintain an up to date profile (contacts, details about deployment), etc.
    4545* The SSF Community would use it as a directory of the SSF community’s individual contact information, affiliations and locations, as well as information they have about contacts they believe would like to be reached out to by the SSF community in the event of a disaster in their local community.
    141141* Log a task that needs to be done in Sahana
    142142* View a list of internal Sahana contacts.
    143 * View a list of peer organizations.
     143* View a list of partner organizations.
    144144* View a list of opportunities (grants, jobs, etc) and their status.
    145145* Get notifications on new/edited tasks & projects