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    9393  * Never
    9494* These notifications also show on the SSF homepage when the person is logged in.
    95 * The notification settings are editable. These settings are -
    96   * Tasks/projects/organisations/etc for which updates are required. (The filter for notifications)
     95* One should be able to view the subscriptions settings and edit them. These settings are -
     96  * Tasks/projects/organisations/etc for which updates are required.
    9797  * The frequency of updates as mentioned above.
    9898  * The mode of notifications (email/no email)
     99* There can be a central newsfeed and the users can subscribe to a filtered list of the newsfeed.
     100 * The posts in this newsfeed would contain a title, description, type(task/project/org etc), author, ...
     101 * We would thus be able to filter across item types (task/project/org)
     102 * Also, we would be able to subscribe to any of the items in the newsfeed using just a click. This subscription onclick would internally modify the same filter.
    100104==== Task Management ====
    273277  * Use summary pages and datalists for each module mentioned above.
     279==== Subscriptions ====
     281The newsfeed is generated using S3Audit (check CRMT template for reference -
     282===== Onclick =====
     284* Using just a "click" to subscribe to an item. Eg- "Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Project", "Subscribe/Unsubscribe to task" action buttons on project/task.
     285* On Subscribing/Unsubscribing, it internally modifies the same newsfeed filter to get updates about the newsfeed items. These set the appropriate filter automatically.
     286* The user can also subscribe to the individual item by clicking on "Subscribe/Unsubscribe" button on the newsfeed item.
     288===== Hand crafted filters =====
     290* Hand crafted subscription filter and subscription settings for the newsfeed - The user can set the subscription filter manually. Eg - Selecting All tasks for project X, Updates on Org Y, etc.
     291* The user can also change subscription settings. This involved the ability to modify -
     292 * Frequency - immediately/hourly/daily/weekly/monthly
     293 * Mode - Email/No Email
    275295== Future Extensions ==