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    246246== Implementation ==
    248 === Current Implementation ===
    250 * The current implementation is a template built on top of Sahana Eden.
    251 * Currently, it supports the following -
    252  * Contributors - Using the {{{hrm}}} module.
    253  * Tasks Lists - Using the {{{project_task}}} table, where a task can be assigned to just one person.
    254  * Deployments - Using the {{{project_project}}} table, filtered by sector name as "Deployment".
    255  * Projects - Using the {{{project_project}}} table, filtered by sector name as "Project".
    256  * Disaster Organisations - Using the {{{org}}} module.
    257 * The current implementation can be found in the trunk at {{{private/templates/SSF}}} [ here].
    259 === Planned Implementation ===
    261 * Goals for my(Name : Somay Jain, [ Github Repo], IRC : Somay) implementation as a proposal for GSoC'14 -
    262  * Personal Profile
    263   * Including a {{{pr_person_details}}} table to include the details in the profile for the user, which will be linked to {{{pr_person}}}.
    264  * Subscriptions
    265   * Using [wiki:S3/Notifications Subscriptions] to give updates to the user via the mode selected and on the the homepage.
    266  * Task Management
    267   * Include visibility of everyone who is subscribed to the task, possibly with another tasks to subscribed users table.
    268  * Homepage, Views -
    269   * Using Bootstrap to customize views.
    270   * Information from multiple modules on the homepage - Eg : tasks, updates, newsfeed, contributors/deployments map, etc.
    271   * Will define custom layouts and controllers for each module.
    272  * Metrics of contributions -
    273   * Include trunk commits URLs.
    274   * Include tasks logged/resolved.
    275   * Include links of wiki pages edited.
    276   * These metrics will have to be entered manually by the user as part of building his/her profile.
    277  * Pages for each module -
    278   * Use summary pages and datalists for each module mentioned above.
     248The current implementation can be found in the trunk at {{{private/templates/SSF}}} [ here].
     250The following was done as part of a GSoC '14 project by Somay Jain ([ Github Repo], IRC : Somay).
     252=== Homepage ===
     254The default controller for the homepage is defined in {{{private/templates/SSF/}}} under the class {{{index}}}.
     256==== Updates Feed ====
     257* The Updates Feed is made using {{{FeedControl}}} from Google Feed API.
     258* The following RSS feeds are present -
     259 * Tasks ({{{eden/project/task.rss}}}) - Gives the updated of the tasks in Sunflower.
     260 * Tickets - Wiki Tickets
     261 * Wiki - Wiki changes
     262 * Github commits for {{{flavour/eden}}}
     263 * Twitter updates from @SahanaFOSS
     264 * Sahana Blog
     266==== Map ====
     267* The contributors and deployments are overlayed on the map.
     268* The deployment locations are stored in {{{project_location}}}
     269* The contributor locations are stored in {{{pr_address}}}
     271==== Action Buttons ====
     272* The Action buttons on the homepage (Report a bug/Request feature/Request Support) provide a trimmed form for task with the pre-selected tags, so that these actions are made easier.
     274=== Contributors ===
     275* Implemented using the {{{pr}}} module.
     276* All users except admins can edit only their own profile.
     277* The users who are not assigned "Contributor" role, cannot view other's contact information.
     278* The users can build their profile and add the following contact details - Github/IRC handle/Linkedin/Blog/Skype/Mobile Phone using the "Contact Details" tab.
     279* These contact details are stored in {{{pr_contact}}} table.
     281=== Deployments ===
     282* The deployments are implemented using the {{{project}}} module, using the {{{project_project}}} table.
     283* To distinguish them from projects, they have sector = "Deployment"
     284* Each deployment has a custom view which contains the concise information on a single page for read view. This custom view can be found in {{{private/templates/SSF/views/deployment_page.html}}}.
     285* The default open button on the list view links to this custom page.
     286* The tabbed view with the rheader is linked from the custom page. This is kept keeping in mind that the main usecase for deployments is viewing the information about the deployment.
     288=== Projects ===
     289* The projects are implemented using the {{{project}}} module, using the {{{project_project}}} table and have sector="Project"
     291=== Tasks ===
     292* The tasks are implemented using the {{{project}}} module, using the {{{project_task}}} table.
     293* The tasks can be assigned to belong to some project and can be associated with a milestone.
     294* Tags can be associated with the tasks. These tags can be keywords such as "bug", "feature request", "easy", etc. These use the {{{project_tag}}} and {{{project_task_tag}}} tables.
     295* Tasks can be filtered using the Filter form on {{{/eden/project/task}}} and the filter link can be generated on clicking "Link to this result".
     297=== Disaster Organisations ===
     298* The organisations use the {{{org}}} module.
    280300== Future Extensions ==
     302=== Homepage ===
     303* Updates Feed could be styled better.
     305=== Contributors ===
     306* Custom page to show the relevant information of the contributor on a single page.
     307* Visibility of the projects/tasks/etc which the people are subscribed to/interested in.
     309=== Deployments ===
     310* Including and improvement of the design of the custom deployment page.
     312=== Tasks ===
     313* Ability to get "interested" in the task.
     314* This can be implemented by having a {{{project_member}}} member table and {{{project_task_member}}} link table linking members to the tasks.
     315* The member can also have a role such as "Volunteer", "Mentor", "Watching", etc.
     316* Users can indicate themselves as "Volunteer", "Mentor", etc for the task.
     318=== Disaster Organisations ===
     319* Custom page to show the relevant information for the org on a single page.
    282321=== Subscriptions ===