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    8585==== Subscription ====
    8786* A person who is subscribed to a task/project/organisation/etc receives notifications via email about it.
    8887* A person on commenting on a task is automatically subscribed to the comments feed of that task.
    310309=== Homepage ===
    311310* Updates Feed could be styled better.
     311* Improve design of homepage
    313313=== Contributors ===
    314314* Custom page to show the relevant information of the contributor on a single page.
     315 * Tasks they were members on
     316 * Projects they had roles on
     317 * Deployments they had roles on
    315318* Visibility of the projects/tasks/etc which the people are subscribed to/interested in.
    317320=== Deployments ===
    318321* Including and improvement of the design of the custom deployment page.
     322* Link Deployments to their Templates
     324=== Teams ===
     325* There can be different teams that people are members of
    320327=== Tasks ===
    321 * Ability to get "interested" in the task.
     328* Ability to mark yourselve as "interested" in a task
    322329* This can be implemented by having a {{{project_member}}} member table and {{{project_task_member}}} link table linking members to the tasks.
    323330* The member can also have a role such as "Volunteer", "Mentor", "Watching", etc.
    324331* Users can indicate themselves as "Volunteer", "Mentor", etc for the task.
     332* Github integration
     333 * tag tasks in Github commit log / comment (#334) and have that GitHub  commit log / comment added as a comment to the task in Sunflower
    326335=== Disaster Organisations ===
    329338=== Subscriptions ===
    331339* On a "create"/"update"/"delete" event of a record from any of the table (for eg - {{{project_project}}}, {{{project_task}}}), an audit can be created (check CRMT template for reference -
    332340* When this audit is created, a newsfeed item could be generated having -
    336344 * Author - user_id of the person who made the change
    337345* The newsfeed can be created using the {{{cms_post}}} table, or a new table (if necessary).
    339346* This newsfeed can be made filterable according to the key:value pairs. Eg - All tasks under the project "Sunflower" whose Author is "Bob".
    340347* The newsfeed can be linked to subscriptions using {{{pr_subscription_resource}}} with a {{{pr_filter}}} on the newsfeed resource.
     348* Repeated updates of the same record filtered out and no notifications if new records get immediately deleted
    342350==== Onclick ====
    344351* Using just a "click" to subscribe to an item. Eg- "Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Project", "Subscribe/Unsubscribe to task" action buttons on project/task.
    345352* On Subscribing/Unsubscribing, it internally modifies the same newsfeed filter to get updates about the newsfeed items. These set the appropriate filter automatically.
    355362==== Possible Extensions ====
    357363* Having the above design allows as to provide subscription for any feed which can be converted in (title, type, value, author) format.
    358364* Eg - Having incoming feeds converted to such format.
    370376* The viewer should be able to support inline comments, preferably like Github viewer does.
     378=== CI Server ===
     379Integrated a [ CI Server] in Sunflower:
     380* Enable scheduling of CI tests
     381* Enable subscription of notifications for test results
     382* Provide formatted results - stored in DB not HTML
     383* Create scheduler with logs visible through web
     384* Create tickets for failure
     386=== Other Extentions ===
     387* Integrated [BluePrint/CAPBroker CAP Broker] in Sunflower
     388* Integrated Location and Demographic Data Repository
     389* Integrated Chat functionality
     390* Integrated Discussion Board
    372392== References ==
    373393* [wiki:S3/Notifications Subscriptions and Notifications]