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    3737== User Stories ==
    38 * Volunteers will use Sunflower to manage community tasks so that they know what needs to be done.
    39 * Newcomers to the Sahana Community will use Sahana Sunflower to find out what they can do to contribute to Sahana Software Foundation projects.
    40 * People interested in Sahana software will use Sunflower to find out how Sahana software is used by different organizations around the world.
    41 * Active deployments can use Sunflower as a destination for posting tasks related to their specific project.
    42 * SSF contributors can use Sunflower to track the status of internal projects, update directories or contacts and organizations, and log information about opportunities for grants and jobs.
    43 * Users can view news feeds from partner organizations and thought leaders.
    44 * User Organizations would maintain an up to date profile (contacts, details about deployment), etc.
    45 * The SSF Community would use it as a directory of the SSF community’s individual contact information, affiliations and locations, as well as information they have about contacts they believe would like to be reached out to by the SSF community in the event of a disaster in their local community.
    46 * It would also serve the community as a directory of organizations and groups that engage in remote, crowdsourced information management volunteering such as the OSM Humanitarian team and other organizations that are relevant for global, technology focused disaster management solutions.
     38* Contributors
     39 * I want to share my personal profile so others can see who I am and know what I can contribute to
     40 * I want to see others personal profile so that I can get to know them better
     41 * I want to be able to see a list of current contributors so that I can get motivated to contribute
     42 * I want to see a list of organizations that Sahana has relationships with so that I can collaborate with others and strengthen the community
     43 * I want to learn more about Sahana deployments so that I can better appreciate the impact of my contributions
     44 * I want to find tasks that I can work on to contribute to Sahana
     45 * I want to manage tasks so that I know what needs to be done
     46 * I want to be able to find mentors that can help me work on tasks
     47 * (Future) I want to be able to see a list of contacts so that I can find people and organisations to partner with.
     48* Users
     49 * I want to learn more about Sahana deployments so that I can discover how I could use Sahana.
     50 * I want to to be able to share my requirements for Sahana with contributors who can help me
     51(Future) I want to be able to connect with existing users to learn from them and help them.
    4854== Requirements ==