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    3535There have been suggestions that we determine a way in which to recognise top contributors - one way of doing this would be to give people "Points" (Sunflower seeds?) for completing tasks. This could work something like:
    3636* All members can vote on the number of points a task is worth (0-5). The value of the task is the average of those votes. If there are no votes, a task gets 1 point.
     37  * Tasks are often assigned value by the person who creates them.  I think that's a good way to establish not just their difficulty but also their priority level.  Additionally, it would be nice if the person who completes the task also indicates the amount of time they put into that task. Both factors could be recorded to create more useful information about community members and their contributions.
    3738* When a task is completed, the member that the task is assigned to gets the average value of their votes (although their own vote is ignored)
    3839* On the homepage the top contributors based on points accumulated over the past month are displayed
    3940* We can also keep historic point talleys over time
     41  * I think it's useful to think about the types of rewards that could be offered to people with lots of points.
     42  * I also think this would be a good reason to incorporaespeciallyte badges into EDEN, specifically which could be used as a reward mechanism as well as a way to share information about people's skills and experiences.
    4143== Use-Cases ==
    4244* View a list of Sahana Volunteers