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    8181 * Basic statistical analysis of numerical data
    8282 * Analysis combining multiple numerical questions
    83  * Mapping of areas
     83 * Mapping of areas (showing basic statistical data visually)
    8484 * Advanced statistical analysis, including:
    8585   * Identifying potential outliers
    8686   * Regression test
     87==== Form Analysis ====
     88The form will consists of questions, each question will have a question type associated with it. These question types will form the basis of the analysis:
     89||=Questions Type=||=Type of analysis possible=||
     90||Location||Mapping analysis will be possible (for the whole form)||
     91||String or texts||Minimal analysis (count for equality would be possible, such as answering the question how many assessment forms has this person submitted)||
     92||Option type||Charts and frequency tables||
     93||Numerical type||Statistical and multi-value analysis||
     94The basic form analysis can be broken down into the following sequence:
     95 * Identify the number of questions of each type
     96 * Identify if map analysis is possible
     97 * Identify the number (and ratio) of text based questions
     98 * Generate a rating of the assessment form (very subjective but may be of use for guidance)
     99 * Identify sections that have a low rating (therefore might be improved with more quantitative data)
     100It may be desirable to allow certain section to be excluded from this analysis (such as the contact details of the enumerators).
     101==== Data Analysis ====
    87102==== Basic ====
    88103 1. Select an Assessment Template which has been completed