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    2424'''Wireframe for Creating a Survey Template:'''
    2525[[Image(creating survey template.png)]][[BR]]
     28== Data Model ==
     29These are already existing data tables that will be involved in the template creation/ editing.
     32- Stores ALL questions, their types, and metadata (options) used by ALL templates
     33- important when a user modifies a question in a survey
     34- important fields: id, name, code, notes, type, metadata, modified_on, modified_by
     35        - code = position -- question has the same value as the posn field in survey_question_list table
     36        - name = actual question text
     37        - metadata = stores options associated with the question
     38        - type = question type
     42- handles the actual ordering of the questions in the survey template as well as which section questions are in.
     43- important in modification of the template's question list, not any of the question's properties
     44- this is linked to the appropriate survey_template through the template_id property
     45- important fields when creating NEW question: template_id, question_id, section_id, modified_on, modified_by
     46- important fields when EDITING question: question_id, modified_on, modified_by
     49- this table stores all the parsed metadata from the survey_question table
     50- important fields: id [unique to each entry], question_id [not unique to each entry], descriptor, value, modified_on, modified_by
     51- question_id = which question the metadata belongs to
     52        - survey_question_metadata belongs to only 1 question, but 1 question can have many metadata entries in the survey_question_metadata table
     53- descriptor = order of answer choice OR denotes "Length" (which basically means # of choices the question [described by question_id] has)
     54- value = actual answer choice/ length value
     55- modified_on, modified_by should be changed if the question's ANSWER CHOICES are added/modified/deleted
     56        - note that if survey_question_metadata is changed, then so should survey_question's 'metadata' field
     57                - this makes for correct exporting of the template to .csv form
     63- important fields: id, name, description, status, completion_qstn, date_qstn, time_qstn, location_detail, priority_qstn, organisation, modified_on, modified_by
     64- name: template name
     65- description: template description
     66- status: number representing whether the template is Active (in use) (2 = active)
     67- completion/ date/ time/ location qstn: questions that appear in every template
     68- priority_qstn: currently doesn't have a use
     69- organisation: should probably have the ability to be modified
     70- modified_on/ modified_by: should be updated when any part of the template is modified
     71        - modified_on/ by fields should be updated when the question list is modified.