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     1= Blue Print for Survey Tool =
     2== Introduction ==
     3In the recovery period after disasters and crisis's, organizations need to collect information about affected people to plan activities better and to assess the impact of those activities. Surveys are also important prior to disasters to assess to vulnerability of populations and help them to better respond to hazards. [[BR]]
     5 shows an example of a generic survey tool design for the Global WASH (Water Sanitation and Health) cluster (UNICEF, IR, Oxfam).
     6== Functionality ==
     7=== Core ===
     8==== Survey ====
     9 * Users would be able to design their our surveys, which will be a collection of questions (possibly divided by section)
     10 * A User may add a new questions or select from the "inventory" of questions which have already been added.
     11 * Questions may be: 
     12  * Qualitative (text) or quantitative (number, boolean, list), or associated with a resource in the database (Person, location, organization, etc)
     13  * Have additional notes and criteria attached to them (perhaps some notes which are only displayed for someone reading out the survey in an interview situation)
     14  * Tagged with key words, organizations or sectors
     15  * Associated with the Surveys it appears on
     16  * Linked to results of previous  surveys
     17 * The Survey will be able to be printed off and also filled in on the computer
     18==== Results ====
     19 * The user should be able to record narrative text and upload files to link with the results of the survey.
     20 * The results should be shown as:
     21  * Raw data (could be exported to Excel or SPSS)
     22  * Summary Data (should also be easy to export to Excel, or a word publisher)
     23  * Graphs (should be easy to export)
     24  * Summary Fact Sheet (including narrative, data and graphs - easily exported or printed)
     26==== Sharing ====
     27 * The tool will contain a record of all previous surveys which have been created and conducted.
     28 * The tool will enable users to "publish" surveys, questions and results to a central public instance to 
     30(when a new survey is created the user can choose whether to make that
     31=== Extra ===
     32==== Survey ====
     33* Allow each question to have a weight (The same question may have a custom weight in different surveys) which can be used to calculate a total grading for a survey, or a section of the survey.
     34* Associate a colour code with the answer to a question
     35* Allow the survey to be conducted on a mobile device
     36* Import the results of the survey using [wiki:BluePrintOCR]
     37* Allow the survey to be conducted by SMS / Text Message
     38==== Results ====
     39* Allow the graphs and summary fact sheet to be customized
     40* Show the change in results between the same survey conducted at different times.
     41* Display the results overlaid on a graph.