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     121= Choosing ZeroConf for Network discovery =
     122Automatic synchronization between servers require automatic service discovery. We had two major options to choose from:
     1231) ZeroConf
     1242) Mesh4x
     126ZeroConf & Mesh4x solve different problems. They don't overlap in functionality at all:
     127ZeroConf provides a solution to automatic discovery.
     128Mesh4x provides a solution to the data sync.
     130We were more interested in Zeroconf because:
     1311) ZeroConf has Python library but Mesh4x doesn't. I means double work was required if we go with Mesh4x.
     1322) We just needed automatic discovery of service because we wanted to use web services, so that foreign developers can also use Restful API
     1333) Mesh4x required java daemon, which meant adding jre in the package which would double Sahana package size.
     135= deamonX: Daemon which runs automatic synchronization =
     136We created a daemon which calls web services listed above. DaemonX uses ZeroConf libraries available at
     137Note that ZeroConf is not being maintained after Dec 2006.
     138deamonX also requires installing jsonrpc libraries from for processing JSON.
     140Very initial tests of deamonX using Zeroconf are below expectations. Using a GPRS moderm as network source, Zeroconf library has thrown errors. More testing needs to be done before making any final statement.
    117141= Blueprint for Synchronization =