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    1818 * http://localhost:8000/sahana/or/organisation/office/create.xml&fetchurl=
    20 We can load the referenced resources before they are referred to:
     20We can load the data multiple times, loading referenced resources before they are referred to:
    2121 * http://localhost:8000/sahana/gis/location/create.ushahidi?fetchurl=
    2222 * http://localhost:8000/sahana/ticket/log/create.ushahidi?fetchurl=
    2424Whole DB syncs maintaining full references requires [wiki:S3XRC_v2 S3XRC_v2]
     26== Use Cases ==
     27These should be turned into full User Stories:
     28=== World Food Programme ===
     29 * Budgetting module is run on a staff member's laptop
     30 * Data on available items & costs are downloaded from the Master Warehouse
     31  * (we can assume this is a Sahana instance even if the data was added to it manually via the SpreadsheetImporter)
     32 * Staff member works overnight whilst no access to Internet
     33 * In the morning, the Budget is uploaded to the central server along with any new Kits/Bundles that have been designed & any staff added to the system
     34=== Ushahidi (e.g. Haiti) ===
     35 * Incidents are collected by an Ushahidi instance (e.g. via SMS Reports)
     36 * Sahana instance polls the Ushahidi API on a schedule to collect new Incidents
     37 * These instances are imported into the Ticketing Module
     38 * Users triage these tickets, marking them as Verified, Actionable, Actioned
     39 * Data is pushed back into Ushahidi so that the loop is closed: the final status is visible to Ushahidi users
     40  * (NB Ushahidi cannot currently accept such pushes back, so exact method is unknown here...we should support a URL mthod & help support a standard API)
    2641== What we need next ==
    2742 * UI