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    5454    * Relevant modules of Translate Toolkit.
    5555* Outstanding blueprint Questions : The scope of the project will be discussed, modified and understood by me during this period. Also, the design and implementation details will be discussed with the mentors to prepare for the Coding phase.
     56* Initial Tasks :
     57     * Use the parser library to try and extract data from the code. Once I am comfortable with the parser, I can use it to extract the currently active template and modules from the corresponding files as mentioned earlier.
     58     * Discuss and work on implementing the script that handles merge conflicts when merging translations from pull requests and pootle.
     60Mid Term Evaluation
     61I plan to provide the following features by mid-term:
     62    * Excluding deprecated strings
     63    * Retrieving strings from active templates
     64    * Including prepop csv files
     65    * Provide option to select all templates in GUI.
     67Final Evaluation
     68The final project will contain the following deliverables (apart from those mentioned above)
     69    * Handling conflicts from pull requests
     70    * Handling conflicts from Pootle
     71    * Syncing Pootle with Web2py with respect to translation
     72    * Removing external dependency on Translate Toolkit
    5673== Technical help ==
    5774 * For the translation process see the chapter in the book on [ Localisation]